My Support

Dear friends,

Jessie is so thankful and blessed to have so many people wanting to help her and her family as they journey down this new road together with God. With so many people asking “how can we help?”, I thought it would be a good idea to create a page with more information. The Rees family is very fortunate to be receiving the support of family, friends, Nadadores, Saddleback Church, and believers worldwide.

For more information or deliveries contact:

Rick Brotherton

For deliveries:
Jessie Rees
C/O Rick Brotherton
9 Franklin Way
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

If you would like to help here are a
few quick and easy ways to get involved…

Pray for Jessie!

We believe in the power of prayer and know that God hears our prayers. So first off, please just pray for Jessie and her family. Also pray for Jessie’s doctors and everyone that is helping her through this. This is the most valuable way in which you can help Jessie!!

Please help promote Jessie’s Facebook fan page to your friends and help grow her prayer network. Believing in the power of prayer, with every “Like” we get that’s another prayer we get. Our goal is to get to 10,000 “Likes”. You can see her Facebook page at

Promote Joy!

Starting May 1st you can pass joy to people in need in your area through JoyJars(tm). They are really a simple way to spread joy. Everyone can use a little joy in their life. We will be selling JoyJars and giving the money to CHOC and cancer research. “Like” Jessie’s Facebook page and stay tuned for more information! You can also join the mailing list at Volunteers will be needed to fill the JoyJars™ and deliver them! Please contact Rick Brotherton for more information.

Provide a Blessing!

Send the gift of Restaurants on the Run. All Restaurant On The Run Gift Certificate purchases are good for food delivery orders from any one of the over 1000 restaurants and can be sent immediately by email to
With daily trips back and forth to CHOC, the Rees’ are constantly at the gas station. I know this has to be expensive. You can send Shell gift cards to Jessie Rees, C/O Rick Brotherton, 9 Franklin Way, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694.

Click the donate button to give your gift online via credit card! In the comment field you can ask that your donation be put towards any of the above choices.

Thanks again for your help and especially for your prayers!

Please pray for me:
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