My Life

Thank you for visiting my site!

It’s kinda weird having my own website but my daddy thinks this is the best way to tell my story and let friends know what’s going on.

On March 3, 2011 an MRI showed I have a tumor in my brain. The bummer is, they can’t operate on it due to where it is located. So these really nice doctors are having me do some radiation treatment and take some medicine to help me. I’m really thankful I get to be treated locally at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California. It will be nice to rest in my own home with my family and dogs. My little buddy, Moe, loves to cuddle with me when I’m not feeling well.

A few other fun facts about me.

  • I love God with all my heart and love going to learn about His love with my family at Saddleback Church. My daddy is a pastor there so we get to park close, which is really nice. It’s a pretty big place, but the teachers are really great.
  • I love school and attend Melinda Heights Elementary school. I’m in 6th grade now and can’t wait to graduate in a few months. Then I will be going to Jr. High school.
  • I love swimming and spend 4-5 days a week training with my team, the Mission Viejo Nadadores.
  • I love shopping at the mall with my family and looking for cool clothes and accessories.
  • Most of all, I love my family. I have been blessed with a great mommy, daddy, big sister Shaya and little brother JT. We love watching American Idol, Project Runway and Survivor together. We are really looking forward to watching the summer olympics together and cheer for the USA swim team.
  • I’m also very blessed to have my Nana and Papa live close. I get to see them a few times a week, which is really fun. I also get to see my Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Tim, who live in Denver, several times a year. ¬†We are one big fun and happy family.

Thanks again for praying for me,


Please pray for me:
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