Weekly Update Jan 1st

Dear Friends and Fans,

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve…great times to create memories.  We sure did! As you know, we spent Christmas in Denver this year.  We are so grateful to Saddleback Church for allowing us to miss Christmas Eve services this year (1st time in 14 years) so we could be all be together this year in Denver.  Truly a gift.  Denver was full of snow, shopping and hanging out.  Minus the massive knee pain on Christmas morning, Jessie did really well with the trip.  She was thrilled to see Mr. Moe (her 7 month old white lab puppy) when we got home and the two have been inseparable=))).

Now that we are home, we are back to the weekly trips to the hosptial, chemo and giving blood for the lab work.  She has her chemo drip tomorrow so please pray for the painless needle entry and no issues with the meds.  We have not been told when her next MRI will be.  The hard part for us is when the doctors tell us, “We won’t schedule anything unless symptoms change.”  Translation…”try to enjoy your day waiting for the bomb to drop”.  It’s so hard.

We continue to look for  other treatment options if we need to change…the medicine cabinet is pretty limited.  Dealing with the FDA is very difficult.  Amazing how much more advanced France and Germany are when it comes to brain tumor treatment.

Jessie will continue with homeschool for now.  With limited hearing, vision and strengthen it’s just to much for her to be around 1,800 teenagers at the local Jr. High.  The blessing of not being in school is Jessie gets to do her JoyJars and spread encouragement to other kids fighting cancer.  This will be the year we reach her 50,000 JoyJars sent…we just know it will happen.

We continue to send our multiple daily requests to Heaven for a healing miracle from God.  God has answered many of our prayers but our hope is still for complete healing.  We know He has the power to heal but we also know His Will is perfect even when immense pain floods your soul.  We are so thankful and grateful to YOU for joining us in prayer for Jessie.

Please continue to pray for Jessie’s big sister Shaya and little bro JT.  The past 10 months have been super hard on them too.  They continue to do well in school and sports but we could always use some prayer for them as God leads.  Please also continue to pray for our efforts to spread hope, joy and love to other kids fighting cancer.  It’s so encouraging to see how 4 little letters (NEGU) have become a part of our daily life and the lives of many others.  Never Ever Give Up is a message of “hope” and one we will never stop sharing.  If you are able to attend the NEGU Gala on January 21, 2012 at the St. Regis Hotel please come and support us.  You can get tickets at www.negugala.org.

We will continue to make our weekly updates on her blog and allow her to use Facebook as her way to chat with all of you.  She still is trying to get to 50,000 fans so every kid fighting cancer has one.  Great goal…just need all of your help spreading the word for her.

We wish you a great new year!

Much love,

Erik & Stacey Rees

Please pray for me:
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